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Weekly Update 3/1

In Math this week:
- We will begin our next unit on Geometry. This week we will focus on identifying different types of lines and angles.
In Science this week:
-We will finish up our unit on Earth's Patterns. We will take the test on Tuesday, but it will only counted as a daily grade.
-We will start our next unit on Wednesday over Plant Adaptations.
Odds and Ends:
- Just a reminder there are no visitors allowed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week due to TELPAS testing.
- Report card grades will be submitted this Friday. Please check your child's grades and encourage them to finish up any corrections or assignments that they may have.

Weekly Update

In Math this week:
Monday/Tuesday: We will learn about elapsed time.
Wednesday/Thursday: Review for Measurement Test
Friday: Measurement Test
**I have posted a review and answer key for the test under Math Reviews. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the page. Here is a link to that page: https://cpes.tomballisd.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=820079&type=u&pREC_ID=1758472
**We have been using what we call the STAAR Chart for this unit. It is a chart that they get to use on all tests, and is very helpful for this unit. Here is a copy if they need it for their review: https://tea.texas.gov/sites/default/files/2014-15_RefMat-G4-f.pdf
**If students bring back the review (can be done on lined paper if you do not want to print), they can earn a treat from my treat jar.
In Science this week:
We will learn about the Moon Phases.
Odds and Ends:
*Carnival is this Saturday from 12-4. I will not be able to attend because of a training, but I hope your family is able to make it out. Our PTO has worked very hard to make it a fun day!

Weekly Update 2/17

In Math this week:
-We will continue our Measurement unit moving from measuring capacity to measuring mass.
In Science this week:
- We will continue learning about patterns in our Solar System.
Odds and Ends:
-Thank you to all those that donated to our Carnival Basket. It turned out fantastic!

Weekly Update 2/9

In Math this week:
- We will spend Monday/Tuesday on units of length and how to convert from one unit to another.
-We will end the week talking about units of capacity.
In Science this week:
-We will start our unit on Earth's patterns. 
Odds and Ends:
- Valentine's Party is this Thursday from 2:30-3:30.
-If your child would like to decorate a box for their Valentines, that is perfectly fine. Please have them wait until Thursday to bring it in.
-Please keep an eye on the weather this week and make sure your child has a jacket on the colder days. 

Weekly Update 2/7

In Math this week:
Monday/Tuesday: Area and Perimeter
Wednesday/Friday: Measuring Length using the customary and Metric system/Converting Measurements
In Science this week:
We will continue our unit on Changes to the Earth's surface.
-We will Test on Friday.
Odds and Ends:
- We have one week left to collect items for our Carnival basket. Thank you to all that have signed up already. The deadline is this Friday, Feb. 7th. Here is the link to sign up for an item: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0f4fabad2babf49-arts
Valentines Party info:
-Our Valentine's Party will be Thursday, Feb. 13th from 2:30 - 3:30.
- If your child would like to bring Valentine's to pass out, please make sure there are enough for every student in their homeroom, and they are already assembled and ready to pass out. 
Mrs. Guillory's homeroom has 25 students
Mrs. Gigout's homeroom 23 students

Weekly Update 1/26

In Math this week:
- Monday: We will review for our Decimals Test. I will be sending the review we did in class home.
You can also visit the following link for an extra review: https://cpes.tomballisd.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=820079&type=u&pREC_ID=1758472 
-Tuesday: Decimals Test
-Wednesday- Friday: We will start our next unit on Measurement. We will begin this unit with finding the area and perimeter of rectangular shapes and move into units of measurement by the end of this week.
In Science this week:
We will continue our unit on changes to Earth's surface.
Odds and Ends:
- This Friday is our 99th day of school. Students can wear JJ Watt Jerseys or create their own 99th day shirt. 
-We are  asking for donations for our Arts and Crafts basket for the Carnival. 
-Please check to make sure your child has a box of crayons and dry erase markers to use in class.

Weekly Update 1/20

In Math this week:
We will finish up with adding and subtracting decimals. We will then move onto the 4 different ways to represent decimals (ex: standard form, word form, expanded form and expanded notation). We will end the week by reviewing for the test on Decimals. As of right now, we plan on give the test on Monday, January 27th. I will be sending out a review for it soon.
In Science this week:
- Tuesday:  Review for Water Cycle/Weather Tools Test
- Wednesday: Test (students will be able to use resources they made in class)
- Thursday/Friday:  We will start our next unit on Changes to the Earth's Surface
Odds and Ends:
- Chipotle Spirit Night is on Tuesday.
- My class and Mrs. Gigout's class have been assigned an Arts/Crafts basket for the auction at the upcoming carnival. If you would like to donate, please send the items in with your child. Some examples of items to bring in would be: crayons, markers, glue, slime kits, coloring books, etc.

Weekly Update 1/12

In Math this week:
- We will continue our unit on Decimals this week with finding decimals on a number line and adding and subtracting Decimals.
-This Thursday the students will take their Math Interim Assessment. This is an online assessment that will only be used for data purposes to see how far the students have come this year.
In Science this week:
- We will dig into our Water Cycle/Weather unit.
Odds and Ends:
-A friendly reminder that students have the following things in their pencil bags: crayons, dry erase markers and pencil eraser. 

Weekly Update 1/7

In Math this week:
We will continue our unit on Decimals moving from identifying decimals to comparing and ordering decimals by the end of the week.
In Science this week:
Students will take a test over Natural Resources on Thursday or Friday of this week depending on how much we are able to get through on Wednesday. I am not sending home a study guide because they will get to use all of their notes that have created for this unit.
Odds and Ends:
-Please check to make sure your child still has the following supplies in their pencil bag. Many students had run out of these before we left for break.
     - Crayons, Dry erase markers, Big eraser for pencils, scissors
-Please make sure to check the weather each day before school to make sure the crazy Texas weather doesn't change mid day. If it is too cold outside, we can't let students out that don't have jackets.

Weekly Update 12/15

In Math this week:
We will continue our unit on decimals. 
In Science this week:
We will continue our unit on Earths Resources
Odds and Ends:
Dress up Days this week:
Monday: Grinch Day- you may wear green, a Grinch shirt or dress up like a Who-ville character
Tuesday: Elf Day-you may dress like an elf
Wednesday: Reindeer Day -you may wear a reindeer shirt and an antler headband
Thursday: Polar Express - you may wear school appropriate pajamas to school (Please wear tennis shoes for recess)
Friday: Holiday shirts for our Christmas Party -  Early Release at 12:50
Christmas Party Reminders:
-Please have your child bring in one tub of white frosting by the 18th. If you would like to donate extras for students that don't bring one in that would be great!
-Party starts at 11:30 - 2 visitors are allowed per student. Please preregister if you haven't already. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGPAT_Z4tylEAPyS6P7XsW4vK0ynK7i1ka82iqMCbRbFgu3w/viewform
-Students will get to enjoy pizza for lunch. If your child does not like pizza/can't eat it please feel free to bring them a lunch.
Guillory Homeroom Only:
We still have a few things we need for our party. If you have already bought the items, feel free to bring them in. Please sign up if you can!

Weekly Update 12/8

In Math this week:
-Fact Quiz - Mixed Multiplication/Division. This will be the very last fact quiz they take. Please continue to practice their multiplication and division facts throughout the year because it plays into so many concepts that we teach.
-This week we will begin our unit on Decimals up to the hundredths place.
In Science this week:
Monday - We will take our Science benchmark. It will be for data purposes only.
Tuesday-Friday: We will continue our unit on Natural Resources.
Odds and Ends:
-On Wednesday both my class and Mrs. Gigout's class will visit the Peppermint Village Shop. Information was sent home in Wednesday folders this past week. If you would like to send in money ahead of time, that is fine. Please go over with your child who they are buying for and how much they can spend on each person. They will only have 30 minutes to shop.
-Friday is the 4th grade Music Program at 10:00. If you or family members plan on attending, please follow the link to preregister. https://forms.gle/qct5T9CXx8T7XfeF8
-PTO sent out their December newsletter with a lot of important reminders. Please take a look when you get a chance. https://www.smore.com/hbntx
-Wax Museum information from Mrs. Gigout:
Remember to bring pictures of your person tomorrow. Help your child practice their speech each night. Speeches will be given in class on Wednesday and Thursday. Costumes need to be brought in on Friday (not worn). Due to safety reasons, parents are not allowed to attend the wax museum.

Weekly Update 12/1

In Math this week:
Fact Quiz: Mixed Multiplication/Division
Monday-Thursday: We will review fractions.
Friday: We will take a test over fractions. I have posted 2 reviews in the Math Reviews tab that students can complete to better prepare themselves. You can also find them here: https://cpes.tomballisd.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=820079&type=u&pREC_ID=1758472
In Science this week:
Monday: Review for Light/Heat Energy Test
Tuesday: Light and Heat Energy Test (open note - no study guide)
Wednesday-Friday: We will start our unit on Natural Resources.
Odds and Ends:
-Please make sure child has dry erase markers. We use them daily, and many students are running out. If you would like to donate any to our class, we will gladly accept them!

Weekly Update 11/17/19

In Math this week:
-Facts Quiz - Mixed Division
- Monday-Wednesday: We will focus on identifying improper and mixed fractions and converting them.
-Thursday-Friday: We will focus on decomposing fractions.
In Science this week:
- We will finish up Light Energy and move into Thermal Energy.
Odds and Ends:
- Please check with your child on how they are doing with dry erase markers. A lot of students were claiming that theirs were starting to run out. I have given out all of the markers that were supplied to me at the beginning of the year. We use them almost daily in Math, so having a few in their pencil bag would be a great help!

Weekly Update 11/10

In Math this week:
Fact Quiz: Dividing by 3,4,6,7,8 and 9's.
Monday: Basic Fractions/Comparing Fractions
Tuesday/Friday: We will work on simplifying fractions
In Science this week:
We will continue our unit on Light Energy.
Odds and Ends:
- Fun Run Pledges are still being collected since our event was pushed back until this Friday. There are still many prizes to  be won, so please try to at least get a $30 pledge in at funrun.com if you are able to!
- Please make sure your child is bringing a jacket on colder days. If they don't have a jacket we can not let them go outside. Also, please make sure they are labeled with their name.