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Sandy Guillory » Welcome to 3rd grade!

Welcome to 3rd grade!


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Weekly Update 2/10

This week in Math:
Monday-Thursday: We will work on comparing and finding equivalent fractions.
*Students will take their fact quiz on Thursday over the x4 facts. 
This week in Science:
We will be studying a different planet each day. The kids are very excited about this unit!
Odds and Ends:
*Homework was sent home on Friday. It will be due this Thursday. I have posted the answer key right below this post.
*Tuesday 4th grade bilingual students are taking a STAAR field test. The campus will be closed to all visitors.
*There is no school this Friday the 15th and Monday the 18th.
Valentines Party info:
-Thursday 2:30-3:30
-Our room mom sent out an email with a signup sheet with things we need for the party. There are still a few items we need to help make this party a success. Here is the sign up link:
-Students may bring a decorated box for their Valentines goodies if they would like. If not, I will have a bag for them to put their things into. Please don't stress about this!
-If your child would like to give out Valentines, please make sure they have enough for everyone in our class and  are already addressed and ready to hand out. I sent an email last week with the students names in our class.

Weekly Update 2/1/19

Good evening parents,
This coming week the students will be taking a mock Math STAAR on Monday and the reading mock STAAR on Tuesday. We would like to prepare our kids for the STAAR "scenery" and see what they have learned so far this year. There will be questions the students have not learned yet, but we will simply just ask them to do their best, so we can see what they know. 
Things to remember:
*Students need to bring a book(s) that will keep them interested. After they are finished with the test their only option will be to read until everyone is done testing.
*It can get cold in our classrooms so it is best that they bring a light jacket.
*Please make sure to pack them a hearty snack and a water bottle.
In Math this week:
The students have been getting very good at identifying fractions. This week we will start comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. 
Students should have come home with a fractions homework page. I have posted the answer key below this post. I am asking that it is due by Friday, Feb. 8th.
In Science this week:
We will continue our unit on our Solar System.

Weekly Update 1/27/19

In Math this week:
* We will start our unit on Fractions. This week we will focus on identifying a fraction and learn how to break it apart into what we call unit fractions.
* We will take our x6 fact quiz on Friday.
In Science this week:
*We will finish up our unit on Soil/Resources and will take our test on Wednesday.  I will post some questions you can ask your child to help review them for the test.
*We will start our unit on the Solar System on Thursday.
Odds and Ends:
We still have a few students that have said their "I can" journals are at home. If you happen to see one, please send it to school with them. We are keeping them in our classroom now.

Weekly Update 1/21/19

In Math this week:
Tuesday: We will review for our Division Test.
Wednesday: *Division Review due* We will take our Division Test.
Thursday: *X3 fact Check* We will analyze our test results and set a goal.
Friday: (I will be out this day) The students will begin their unit on Fractions.
In Science this week:
We will continue to talk about the processes that rocks go through, and move into renewable and nonrenewable resources by the end of the week.
Odds and Ends:
*Next week is x6 for our fact check.
*Your child should have an "I can" journal in their backpack. If they happened to take it out, please make sure it gets back in their backpack. We are going to collect these and keep them in class to make sure the students have them when they need them.
*Mrs. Kasper is sending in Scholastic book orders on Tuesday if you'd like to order.
*We have many students that don't have headphones. Please check with your child and see if they still have headphones at school. We are using them in all classes at this point in the year.
That's it for now! Have a great week!

Weekly Update 1/13/19

Here is our week ahead:
In Math this week:
*Monday - Friday: We will continue our unit on division. Everyone has been doing a great job with showing that they know how to divide, so this week we will be digging deeper into the word problems.
*Math Fact Quiz on Friday over x0, x1, x2, x5 , and x10. Make sure they are getting their practice in with flash cards or xtramath! Next week is over x3 facts.
*Just a reminder that I sent home homework on Friday. I also posted the answer key on my website. 
In Science this week:
We will continue our unit on Soil. 
Have a great week!

Weekly Update 1/8/19

Welcome back! I have missed my kiddos so much, and am excited to start 2019 with them! We have a short but busy week ahead of us!
In Math this week:
Wednesday-Friday: We will start our unit on Division. 
*There will not be a fact quiz this week. Next weeks quiz will be over x 10,2,5,1 and 0's.
* I will be sending homework home on Friday. It will be over division.
In Science this week:
* We will start our next unit on soil.
That's it for now! Have a great week!

Weekly Update 12/16

This week in Math: (no fact quizzes this week)
Monday - Review for multiplication test. I posted 2 reviews last week if you would like your child to work on them.
Tuesday: Multiplication Test
Wednesday-Friday: Spiral practice on past concepts.
This week in Science:
We will finish up our unit on Earth's changes
Odds and Ends:
We will have theme days Monday-Thursday this week at CPES. Your child can dress up if they would like.
-Monday: Polar Express Day - Wear pajamas (no slippers please)
-Tuesday: Elf Day
-Wednesday: Grinch Day
-Thursday: Reindeer Day
   -Holiday Party 11:30-12:30 - Don't forget to preregister if you plan to attend.           -They are asking for a max of 2 guests per child.
   -Pizza will be served. 
    -Early Release at 12:50
    -Guillory homeroom: If you signed up to bring an item for our party, you can             start bringing them in anytime this week. We do have limited refrigerated                 space, so I'm asking that any items that need to be refrigerated be brought in         on Friday.