Remote Learning Week 10 - May 26-28


WEEK 10: May 26-28

Happy last week of school! 

The  K-I-N-D-E-R-G-A-R-T-E-N celebration continues!

T - Take a virtual field trip

E - Elegant Day

N - Now you are ready for 1st grade!

Rise and Shine


****Continue logging into Lexia and complete your assigned minutes.

Summer Reading suggestions:

  1. Here is a Leveled Book List that provides many choices of books for your child to find a “just right” book for them on their level.  
  2. Suggested Summer Reading List  *Levels are noted at the top of each page. 
  3. This is a link to scholastic books you can order by level.
  4. First Grade Guided Reading Leveled Books
  5. Kindergarten Guided Reading Leveled Books
  6. 7 Summer Learning Activities for the summer before 1st grade article
  7. First Grade Sight Word List


No grade this week. See below for fun summer math activities :) 


No grade this week.  See below for fun Science activities.


  1. Solve the Mystery Message 
  2. Use the Writer's Checklist to make sure your sentence is written correctly.
  3. Submit your sentence  in your google classroom or email it to your teacher.



(These assignments are supporting the kindergarten curriculum, but will not be graded this week.)


Printable Alphabet Cards

Use the above alphabet cards or use your own to play the following game.

Go Fish!

1. Shuffle cards capital & lowercase together.

(playing with all 52 cards may be too overwhelming for your child. So you may want to choose 10-15 letters to focus on, which would be 20-30 cards since you are using both capital & lowercase for each letter)

2. Give each player 5 cards. Place the rest in a draw pile.

3. Player 1 will ask a player, “Do you have the letter ____?”

4. If the other player has the card they will give it to player one and player one gets another turn. Once player one’s turn is over player  two will go, etc. 

*Variations: instead of asking for a letter have your child ask for the letter by sound. For example, instead of asking, “ do you have a F?” your child will ask, “do you have the letter that makes the /f/ sound?”

Printable Alphabet Cards

Use the above alphabet cards or use your own to play the following game.


*We suggest only using 7-8 letters, so your child does not get overwhelmed. 

1. Mix cards up and lay them out.

2. Player one turns over two cards and identifies the two letters. If the letters are a match (ex. capital F and lowercase f), player one gets to keep them and go again.

If they are not a match, player one turns them over and it is player two’s turn.

*Variations: Have your child tell you the letter name, sound and a word that begins with that letter when they get a match. 

This game can also be played with 2 copies of sight words. Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight Word Shootout

Sight Word Flash Cards

1.Write or tape sight words to disposable cups.

2. Make a tower with the cups.

3. Have your child tell you what word they are aiming for.

4. Then your child will use a water gun/nerf gun, etc. to try and shoot the cup with the sight word they said they were aiming for. 

*This can also be used for letters/sounds, numbers and shapes. 


Get up and get moving using Fluency and Fitness slides. *You must be signed in through Tomball ISD account to work. When slide comes up students will call out the number shown, when fitness skill comes up do until the slide advances. Press enter to advance slide. Practice ten frames, dice, dominoes, tally marks or subitizing.

Water Balloon Toss Game: Have students write their numbers to 20 in random order using chalk on the driveway. Then either fill water balloons, use a wet sponge, squirt bottle, or water gun for the activity. 1. Call out numbers and have them use the water to identify and hit the right one.

2. Practice addition or subtraction by calling out problems to solve and have them toss to the correct answer. 

*Can also use with higher numbers, ten frames, tally marks, shapes, coins, etc. 

Beach ball activity: If you have a beach ball randomly write numbers to 20 all over it with a marker. When you catch the beach ball you will look at which two numbers your hands are closest to and use those. Practice comparing those two numbers, adding, or subtracting them. Toss again and keep playing. 

If you don’t have a beach ball use beach bump game numbers. You can cut out the numbers, turn them over, and choose two random numbers to compare, add, or subtract. 


Important skills we’ve learned this year to continue to practice: 

Numbers, shapes, coins, comparing, graphing, adding, subtracting

Use Splash math games, ABCya games,, or IXL for extra practice. These are all kindergarten based links. 


Watch Mystery Doug video:  What is the biggest spider in the world?

and/or watch brainpopjr video on butterflies

Login:  canyonpointe

Pw:  wildcats

Watch Mystery Doug video:  Are unicorns real?

Watch any video about animals/insects on brainpopjr.

Login: canyonpointe

Pw:  wildcats

Try one of these easy fun Science Experiments.

Fun Science experiments #2


Principle of the Week

This week's Life Principle is fortitude.

Fortitude is having strength and courage to face a tough situation.  Clap the syllables: for*ti*tude

How many vowels are in the word: o,i,u,e

How many consonants: f,r,t,t,d

Let’s make it a math problem: 4 + 5 = ?

Think of times when you might have felt scared...being in the dark, sleeping in your own bed at night, first day of school, etc.  When you decide to try something you might be nervous about, you are showing fortitude!

Listen to this story of courage: Brave as Can Be

Another word for fortitude is courage. As you listen to the story below, see if you can relate to any of the examples of courage.

Listen to the story Courage by Bernard Weber.

Review the definition of fortitude and watch Howard B Wigglebottom - Learns about Courage

Watch all the way to the end to help Howard learn about courage

Share with your family if there has been anything that has scared you or worried you during this time (away from school and friends) and how you can show fortitude to help you through this time! Here are a few ideas:

*Talk about what’s worrying you.

*Write about it.

*Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.

Click here for fun chalk ideas