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 1. The 4th Grade program will be on Friday, December 14 at 10:00.  Parents are welcome to attend.  If you plan to attend please pre-register using the following link:  4th Grade Musical Pre-register  
2.  Our class will be going to the Penguin Patch to shop for Christmas gifts on Friday, December 14.  If your child is planning to shop they will need to bring in money on or before this date.  Please send the money in a sealed envelope or Ziploc bag with your child’s name, my name, amount enclosed, and for penguin patch on it.  It can also be helpful to include who your child is supposed to shop for (Mom. Dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, etc.) and an estimate of how much to spend on each.  
3.  Our class Christmas Party will be on Friday, December 21 at 11:30.  Parents are welcome to attend.  If you plan to attend please pre-register using the following link:  Christmas Party Pre-register
4.  A CPES tradition for 4th Grade Christmas parties is making a gingerbread house.  For this your child will need to bring a tub of white frosting/icing.  You will also be asked to sign up for supplies for building the gingerbread house.  A letter about the party and supplies will be coming home in your child’s Wednesday folder today.  An email will be sent at a later date with more information regarding signing up for gingerbread house supplies.  Thank you in advance for helping with this fun activity!  
5.  CPES will be having themed dress up days for the week of December 17-21.  Participation is completely voluntary.  Here are the themes for each day:  
a. Monday, December 17:  Polar Express Day- Wear your pajamas!
b. Tuesday, December 18:  Elf Day- Wear your best elf hat and shirt!
c. Wednesday, December 19:  Grinch Day- Wear your Grinch green and biggest heart!
d. Thursday, December 20:  Reindeer Day- Wear your reindeer shirt, antlers, and nose!
e. Friday, December 21:  Holiday Party Day- Wear your favorite Christmas shirt!  

Dear Parents,
I want to start out by saying how excited I am to teach your child this year! I loved getting to know him/her this week! I know I have said this before, but it is truly going to be an amazing year!!
On Monday, your child will have a Fact Proficiency Assessment sheet in their backpack folder. This sheet has all of the dates for our timed Fact Proficiency Assessments (5 seconds per problem). It also shows you which multiplication facts will be covered that week . 
A few reminders
* Please send a water bottle daily with your child. This allows them to stay in my room as much as possible.
* Star Student/About Me posters are due on September 4th. Feel free to send them in sooner if it is already finished.
* Please do not send your child with any snacks containing tree nuts
Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. I hope you have a restful weekend!
Jennifer Selman

Welcome to Mrs. Selman's Homepage!

Welcome to our Classroom Homepage. It is my goal to use this as a resource throughout the year to keep parents updated on the amazing things happening in our classroom and on our campus. Please make sure to click "subscribe" to get emails as this page is updated. It will send one email a day for the first few weeks as I continue to update this frequently with beginning of the year information. Also, remember to subscribe to Mrs. Trunk's page (Language Arts).
Starting on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL your child may bring: 
  • A Sport-top water bottle (with water ONLY please) 
  •  Two small healthy snacks - one for the morning and one for the afternoon

Please feel free to contact us!
Jennifer Selman
Room Number: B146
Phone: (281) 357-3122 Extension 2851
Meredith Trunk
Room Number: B143  
Phone: (281) 357-3122 Extension 2848