Kindergarten Countdown

On May 16th, we will be starting our Kindergarten Countdown! We have a special day planned for each letter of the word Kindergarten.


May 15th-K-we will wear Krazy socks


May 16th-I-Ice pop day-each kindergartner will get an Ice pop treat!


May 17th-N-Nite, Nite-wear your p.j.'s and bring your favorite book and a flashlight


May 18th-D-day of celebration! GE celebration


May 21st-E-Extra recess and electric slide day (dance party)


May 22nd-R-Redbox Day- we will watch and movie and eat popcorn


May 23rd-G-Game Day-students will be allowed to bring their games from home


May 24th-A-Animal day- students will bring their favorite stuffed animals


May 25th-R-Ready to Splash!-This is water day! Your child will need to bring a change of clothes. THEY WILL GET SOAKED!


May 29th-Take it home/sign a shirt day-Please make sure your child brings their backpack to school. They will be bringing everything home today. Your child will also need to bring a shirt to school for their classmates to sign.


May 30th-E-Eat lunch with your family and class at our picnic-We will have our end of the year picnic on this day


May 31st-N-Now you are a FIRST GRADER!


Thank you for sharing your child with me this year! They have grown and learned so much throughout this year.