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Canyon Pointe Elementary - 3rd Grade Wildcats
I am very honored and excited to be a part of your child's Third Grade learning this year!
It is truly a joy to work with you and your child. 
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February 2019
Hello wonderful 3rd grade families!
The students are working so hard at school in 2019!  We are continuing to read different types of non-fiction text, and to identify the different types of text and graphic features, and why author's use them.  The students have been doing research on different countries, and creating their own brochures using text and graphic features.  We will be moving into autobiographies and biographies next, and reading about all kinds of important people.  Vocabulary is also a big area to practice using context clues to figure out what words mean.
In math, we have completed our division unit, and are now working with fractions.  We have been practicing using fractions in many different ways.  We are also still practicing our multiplication facts.  This is a HUGE area of focus.  Please make sure to continue to practice multiplication facts in some way at home EVERY NIGHT!  If they can commit these to memory, math will be so much easier for them.  
As always, we will continue to spend time discussing classroom and school expectations, and what it means to have GREAT EXPECTATIONS in our school. 
THANKS for sharing your kids with me, and as always THANKS for your support from home!!!
Mrs. Rodriguez
Specials Schedule: 
Our Specials, PE, Art, and Music, are at the end of the day from 2:40 - 3:35 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  On Thursdays, Specials will be from 9:00 - 9:55.  
Your child may bring to school: 

  • A Sport-top water bottle (with water ONLY please) 
  • Two small, healthy snacks to enjoy in the morning  and again in the afternoon (goldfish, pretzels, cheese crackers, etc.)
Important Upcoming Dates:

Weekly Update

 2/4 & 2/5 - Mock STAAR Tests!
Please continue to send in your Box Tops! 

Recent Posts


Math Pearson pages - subtraction review - due tomorrow 11/13!
Multiplication repeated addition sheet due Friday, 11/16.

Homework Tonight!

Please have your student complete the unit 2 Review homework, and bring it back to school tomorrow.  We will check it before the test!!!  Thanks!

1st Spelling Test - Friday 8/31

This Friday is the first spelling test.  The words are in their Blue Take Home Folder, on an orange sheet of paper inside a sheet protector.  Thanks for all you do at home!!!

Writer's Notebook - decorated

Last Friday the students took home a composition book with a note attached to decorate it and bring it back to school today.  Almost all students brought it back today.  If you see it come home again tonight, please help them decorate it so it can be back tomorrow!  We write in them daily!!! Thanks!

Brown Bag It!

Reminder:  Please remember to have your child bring in their brown bag full of three show and tell items by Friday. They may start bringing in their items as soon as Wednesday. We can't wait to share and learn more about each other.


3rd Grade Updates!

Tomorrow is Gym Jam.  Wear tennis shoes.  Bring a lunch.  Reading Homework is due.  Spelling Test 23.

Valentine Box or Bag

Please bring an already decorated Valentine box or bag to school by Wednesday, 2/14!  We will use them to collect our Valentines at our party!

Class Reminders!

Class Christmas Party & Early Release on Friday 12/22!
Theme days:
Monday 12/18 - Grinch
Tuesday 12/19 - Elf 
Wednesday 12/20 - Polar Express and we can wear jammies!
Thursday 12/21 - Reindeer
Friday 12/22 - Candy Cane
No Spelling Test Friday.  

Penguin Patch is tomorrow!!!

Our class gets to shop at the Penguin Patch tomorrow.  If your child plans to buy something, please send money tomorrow.  Thanks!!!

Field Trip Permission Slip!

Please make sure to sign and send back to school the Field Trip permission slip that went home yesterday.  I received several back today!!! Thanks!!!

Spelling Bee Permission Slip!

If your child would like to participate in the school spelling bee, please have your student turn in the permission slip tomorrow 11/3.  Thanks!

Report Cards!

Report Cards went home today!  Please sign the white sheet stapled to it and return it tomorrow.  You may keep the copy of the report card -- all you need to sign is the white stapled sheet to the outside.  Thanks!