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Mini Society Info- Thank you for already supporting our students.Your child has joined a group and they will be working this week in class creating their products that they will sell during our market day on May 29th. Your child may not spend more than $10 on supplies. If you have any further questions please let me know. 

Science Test on FRIDAY

This is our last major grade for the school year! yay!! The students have worked so hard. I am very proud of them. We will be going over the following information the next few days. Review over the following terms with your student. 
Plant and Animal Vocabulary  
1. Characteristics: the qualities that an organism has
2. Advantage: a characteristic that can help an individual compete in its environment
3. Inherit: to receive characteristics from an organism’s parents
4. Stimulus: something that causes a reaction in a living thing
5. Instinct: a behavior that is inherited
6. Adaptations: a physical feature or behavior that helps an organism survive in its environment
7. Learned Behavior: Behavior that is taught or acquired through experience.
8. Trait: a quality that makes one person or thing different from another
9. Camouflage: something (such as color or shape) that protects an animal from attack by making the animal difficult to see in the area around it
10. Migration: the movement of an animal from one region to another in response to a change in the seasons
11. Habitat: the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism. 

Financial Literacy Review

Our last assessment for the school year will be next Wednesday, May 9th over Financial Literacy. We completed a review in class today, Friday, May 4th. We have discussed financial institutions, ways to use your money (share, save, spend), fixed vs variable expenses, and how to find profit. Here is an extra review if your students needs more help! Answer key is below. 

Oakcrest Orientation

Save the date for May 8th from 7:15-8:15pm.  Oakcrest Intermediate will be hosting Parent Orientation for incoming 5th grade students and parents.  We will miss our students but so proud as they begin their new journey to Intermediate. :) 

Geometry Review

Over the last month, we have studied angles, lines, and polygons (specifically quadrilaterals). We will be completing a test review in class tomorrow in preparation for our test Tuesday. I know students are prepared and will do well on the test. Here is another review if needed. I suggest not to work through the entire document. Choose a few of each topic and see how your student does on the question. Complete more if needed. :) 

Measurement Conversions Review

I will be out of the classroom for the next 3 days at a training. I taught the lesson on converting measurements today and students will spend the next few days practicing. I made this video for the students to be able to watch for those moments when they forget "how Mrs. Shiflet explained it". I also posted this in our google classroom.