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3rd Grade Wildcats

Welcome to my Classroom Homepage. It is my goal to use this as a resource throughout the year to keep parents updated on the exciting things happening in our classroom, and on our campus. Please make sure to click "subscribe" to receive updates as this pages is kept current.
  • August 2017
    Hello wonderful 3rd grade families!
    Welcome to a new school year!!! I am so happy to be your child's 3rd grade teacher for reading, writing, and social studies!  I am so excited to get to know your student.
    For our first couple of weeks of school, we will be getting to know each other with some fun activities.  We will be requesting some items from home such as pictures and other "show & tell" items" which the kids will totally love! 
    We will have fun writing about summer adventures and enjoy sharing and listening to other's favorite summer memories.  For reading we will begin an entertaining read aloud, and other fun stories.  For social studies we will spend time discussing classroom and school expectations, and what it means to have GREAT EXPECTATIONS in our school. 
    THANKS for sharing you kids with me, and as always THANKS for your support from home!!!
    Mrs. Krug


    Brown-Bag it! - Due  Friday 8/25/17
    Writer's Notebook decorations- due Monday 8/28
  • Planners for sale for $4.00 - bring to school

Recent Posts

A Note from our Counselor About STAAR Scores....

Dear Parent or Guardian,


After June 13, 2018, you will be able to access your student scores for STAAR at the following website:




To access the scores you will need your child’s date of birth and unique access code.

There are three places you can locate your child’s unique access code.


  1. On you can select “Find My Unique Student Access Code”.  You will need to input your student’s first name, SSN or S-number, and birth date.


  1. On the bottom of your child’s previous STAAR Confidential Student Report.


  1. On your child’s Home Access Center page.  Select the Registration tab at the top of the page.  Under Testing Resources you will find your child’s Unique Student Portal Code along with a direct link to the Texas Assessment website.

For additional information on STAAR please visit:


A Note from our Counselor....

Hello Parents,

Our 3rd and 4th grade students will take the STAAR Math test on Monday May 14th and the STAAR Reading test on Tuesday May 15th.  Our students have been working hard all year and we are confident they will do great!

A few reminders for testing days…

-No backpacks. Please leave backpacks at home.  Students will not need their backpack on test days.

-No cell phones or smart watches.  Please do not send cell phones or smart watches to school with your student on test day.  If your student needs to have a cell phone, it must be turned off and will be held, by the teacher, until the end of the day. 

-Please send a sack lunch with your student or they may purchase a sack lunch from the cafeteria on testing days.

-Please be sure your student gets a good night’s sleep, eats breakfast, and arrives to school ON TIME.  Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria on testing days.

Thank you for your support.  We look forward to 2 great days of testing where we expect that our 3rd and 4th grade students will shine and show what they know with great success!

NEW!!! READING Practice Homework 

Beginning March 23rd, the reading homework will be reading passages that are sent home on Friday, and due back the following Thursday.  The weekly schedule is stapled inside their Homework Folder, and also attached on my website.  The students are expected to complete the passages throughout the week, and then have someone at home review it with them before bringing it back to school on Thursday, checking for mistakes and that strategies were used.  Someone at home should sign the schedule in the Homework Folder, and students will earn stickers they can cash in for a reward.  


Thanks for all you do at home to support your amazing student!!!

CPES Read Across America Activities

Monday 3/5 Llama Llama RedPajama Anna Dewdney....Wear Pajamas

Tuesday: 3/6 Crazy Hair Day by Barney Saltzbdeg....Wear Crazy Hair

Wednesday: 3/7 Mo Willems Day/Knuffle Bunny....Bring your favorite stuffed animal

Thursday: 3/8 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss....Wear red and white and black

Friday: 3/9 Favorite Book parade

February 2018
Hello wonderful 3rd grade families!
I can't believe it is already February!  As always, we are continuing to work very hard at school!
The students will be reading various poetry books in class with their "book clubs".  The students will be using these poems to practice identifying four different types of poetry: free verse, humorous, narrative, and lyrical.  While reading these poems they will go on scavenger hunts to find different types of figurative and sensory language, and other sorts of poetry elements that poets use to write strong poetry.  The next big skill we are working on is Text and Graphic features within nonfiction text, why authors included them in the text, and how they help us as readers.  We will continue to practice skills such as using context clues to figure out what unfamiliar words mean.  We will also be using what we have practiced about sequencing and summarizing, character relationships and the changes they undergo to now help us make inferences about characters.  We are using the details from the text, combined with what we already know, to help us draw conclusions. 
For Social Studies the students will be reading nonfiction texts such as biographies, and learning about famous American heroes, inventors, politicians, scholars, etc.  As we learn about these important people that changed history, we will be using text and graphic features to help us research.   As always, we will continue to spend time discussing classroom and school expectations, and what it means to have GREAT EXPECTATIONS in our school. 
Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me, and as always THANKS for your support from home!!!
Mrs. Krug

Poetry Study Guide

Hello Families!
I have attached a study guide for your students to use, just to solidify the poetry terms we have been talking about in class this past week.  We will continue our study of poetry next week as we begin to dig deeper into the meaning of the poems we read and locate the various elements of poetry we are learning about.  

Holiday Theme Week

Week of Holiday Fun

The week of Dec. 18th- 22nd class instruction will be centered around holiday themed days. 
Monday - Grinch Day
Tuesday - Elf Day
Wednesday - Polar Express Day --Students may wear PJs to school, but will need appropriate shoes for recess and PE.
Thursday - Reindeer Day
Friday - Classroom Parties and early release at 12:50

Red Ribbon Week

RED RIBBON WEEK October 23-27

"Your future is key, stay drug free."

Monday 10/23 - RED - Wear Red with me and stay drug free

Tues 10/24 - YELLOW - There are a "Minion" reasons to stay drug free

Wed 10/25 - UNITY DAY - ORANGE - United against bullying

Thurs - 10/26 GREEN - I'm Toad-ily against drugs

Fri - 10/27 BLUE - Wildcats are Paws-itively Drug Free

 Brown-Bag it!


Reminder:  Please remember to have your child bring in their brown bag full of three show and tell items by Friday. We can't wait to share and learn more about each other.

Writer's Notebook

Reminder: We will be creating our personalized Writer's Notebook during class time on Monday, August 28th. Your student will need to bring in pictures, photographs, stickers, or anything he/she would like to use to decorate their composition book.