Scope and Sequence

1st 9 Weeks Scope and Sequence
Genres: Realistic Fiction and Traditional Literature
Skills: Decoding using the 6 Syllable Types, Fluency, Theme, Context Clues, Identifying the Plot (setting, characters, conflict, and resolution, along with telling the main events in the story) in the genres

Nouns: Singular/Plural, Common/Proper

Verbs: Past/Present/Future


Personal Narrative Writing


** Authentic Journal Writing over a given topic done on a daily basis** 


Add and Subtract to 20 Review with word problems

Place Value through 500

Physical Properties:
    • Classify Matter by Flexibility, Texture, Mass, and Relative Temperature
    • Unit 3 : Physical Properties: Solids and Liquids and Changes
Social Studies

Citizenship- characteristics of a good citizen

Maps- Learn the parts of the Map and how to use maps

Communities- Suburban, urban, rural