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Boxtops for Education


Fall Semester Box Tops

(due by October 21)

Have you seen the Box Tops on products that you use everyday?  Do you know that by cutting them out and sending them in to the library, you are helping us get more books for the students?  We get 10¢ for each Box Top.  As we receive the box tops in the library, we cut them out and place them in groups of 50 in envelopes or ziploc bags. The bonus  Box Tops which are higher in value are submitted separately and not counted in groups of 50. If you are able to trim the Box Tops yourself before sending them, that is helpful, however we are happy to trim the for you.   We send in Box Tops twice a year and receive a check for them which is placed in our activity account for use on new books and ebooks in the library.  Thank you for helping us collect BoxTops.  For more information on  Box Tops visit: