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Thank you for a wonderful year.  I was truly blessed with the best students and parents.  Thanks for all of the nice gifts, cards and prayers this year.  You are amazing.   I hope everyone enjoys the summer break.

See you next year!!!!!!!!!!!






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Multiplication Test

Multiplication Test


This week the test will be of the tables of 3,6,4,8,9,7. I ask that your child study their multiplications every day. 



Vocabulary for the Solar System

axis         Sun          rotation       revolution       star       light-year        shadow
planet       orbit         solar system
order of the planets from the sun to Neptune.

Weekly Update

Solar System Quiz Friday!

 Homework for the week(Problem Solving Packet)     5 problems each night (Tues,Wed,Thurs)

Fact proficiency continues this Thursday.

Fact Proficiency for the 9 weeks

This 9 weeks fact proficiency


Week 1 (6’s) 
Week 2 (3’s, 6’s) 
Week 3 (4’s) 
Week 4 (8’s) 
Week 5 (3’s, 6’s,4’s,8’s) 
Week 6 (9’s) 
Week 7 (7’s) 
Week 8 (3’s, 6’s, 4’s, 8’s, 9’s, and 7’s) 
Week 9 (all multiplication facts 0’s­ through 10’s)