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Welcome to 2nd Grade!
I'm excited to be your/your child's teacher this year.  We are going to have a great time learning together! 


Math Test Review

See the Home Addition link above or on the post page

~Weekly Update Nov. 7-11th~


This week in class...

Writing - We will continue to write a fairy tale!

Reading - We will continue to study traditional literature.  We will look at legends, tall tales, fairy tales.  We will also compare different versions of the same story.  

Math -  We will be reviewing for our test on Friday!   2 and 3 digit addition with and without regrouping.  Remember as you solve word problems to use the CUBES strategy (see below)

C - circle the numbers

U - underline the question

B - box the math action words

E - evaluate the problem and figure out what is going on (draw a picture)

S - solve and show your work


Social Studies - Voting, Veterans Day, College Research

Science - Weather

A few other notes...

1.  Class pictures and retakes are on November 10th!  It is this Thursday!

2.  Chickfila night is Wednesday night!

3.  Canyon Pointe is a polling location.  Please no lunch visitors on Tuesday.  


Social Studies U.S. Symbols Review

This week we will research and present facts about some United States symbols.

We are using Pebble Go ( username – CPES     password – school

For the test Friday, students will need to be able to identify the…

Bald Eagle

Great Seal

Uncle Sam

Washington Monument


They should know where we can find the…

U.S. Capitol – Washington, DC

Statue of Liberty – New York, New York

Liberty Bell – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Washington Monument – Washington, DC

Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Washington, DC


They should be able to identify facts about the…

Star Spangled Banner – our national anthem, symbol of courage and freedom

Thomas Jefferson Memorial – the statue of Thomas Jefferson holds a copy of the Declaration of Independence, it honors our 3rd President

Pledge of Allegiance – a promise, recited at school each morning

White House – the President lives there, they sign important papers in the oval office

Liberty Bell – people rang the bell to celebrate their independence from Great Britain, it cracked, was fixed, and then cracked again


~Update Oct. 24-28~


Next week in class...


Writing - We will continue with letter writing, students will write letters using all the parts of a letter correctly.


Reading - We will be working on traditional literature, we will look at characteristics of a fable.  We will also be identifying the theme/lesson in a fable.  

Math - We will work on adding 2 digit numbers and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping in a story problem. We will practice working story problems using all of our steps to show our work and understanding. Friday will be our timed fact check - facts adding up to 5 or 10 and subtracting from 5 or 10. Examples 8+2, 4+1 and 10-3, 5-2


Social Studies - Students will use the computer to gather facts about their US symbol. Then they will present their information to the class. Test on the US symbols will be Friday. I will send a study guide home Monday.


A few other notes...

1. RED RIBBON WEEK is next week!

Monday - wear pajamas (no slippers please)

Tuesday - wear a hat and crazy socks

Wednesday - wear a superhero shirt

Thursday - crazy hair

Friday - jeans, college shirt, and sunglasses

2. We went to the book fair to look at the books this week. Next week we will go Wednesday to purchase books. Students may bring their money on Wednesday.

3. Thursday is TRUNK or TREAT here at Canyon Pointe. 



~Weekly Update Oct. 17-Oct. 21~


This week in class...

Writing - We begin talking about the parts of a letter.  We will write some practice letters as well.  Also, we will be determining if a noun is singular or plural.


Reading - We are doing an author study.  Each student will be reading at least 3 books by one author and comparing and contrasting the settings and characters.  Ask your child who his/her author is!


Math - We work on adding 2 digit numbers and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping. This 9 weeks we will start our timed fact tests for a half of a major grade. This Friday we will test on +/- 0, +/- 1, +/- 2.


Social Studies - We are learning about United States symbols. Each student will get a symbol to research and present to the class.


Science - We are continuing our matter unit, talking about how matter can be changed with temperature.


A few other notes...

1. Wednesday - Wear Orange to Unite Against Drugs 

2. If you haven't signed up for a conference, please email me.

3. Book Fair next week!

4.  Red Ribbon Week is next week.  Each day has a special theme and thing to wear.  The list went home in Wednesday folders last week.  

5.  Oct. 27 is Trunk or Treat.  Look for my car, it will be football themed!


*Science Test Review*

We will be having a science test on Friday, Oct.7  Here is a review to help you study:  

- what does a balance measure (compares mass)

- describe and classify matter based on physical properties (size, color, shape, mass, texture)

- be able to measure in centimeters

- what does volume measure

- the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and examples​

- solid – matter that keeps its own shape and size

- liquid – matter that does not have its own shape and take the shape of its container

- gas – matter that does not have its own size or shape and takes up all the space inside its container



*Parent Teacher conferences*

-an email was sent on Friday with instructions for signing up
-if you have not yet signed up, please do so ASAP


~Update Oct. 3- Oct.7~


Next week in class...

Writing - We are continuing to work on our small moment, we will be looking at transition words, feelings, using better vocabulary, and checking our sentence structure.

Reading - We will be working on retelling a story using characters, setting, problem, and solution. 

Math - We worked on addition and subtraction strategies this week (using pictures and using a number line). Next week we talk about some more strategies students can use (count on and count back, using doubles facts, part part whole, and fact families).  We are working toward applying these strategies to two digit addition and subtraction.  

Science - We will learn about mass, volume, and length with a trip to the Science Lab. The students will take a Physical Properties - Measurement test on Friday.

Scholastic book orders are due Monday, October 10.  


~Update Sept. 26-Sept.30~


This week in class...

Writing - We are doing a great job on picking small moments, we will be working on adding a lead, a closing, and transition words.

Reading - We will be working on predicting and  asking questions before, during, and after reading. We are all set to start reading and strategy groups.

Math - We have a place value with comparison test on Tuesday. We've been working on using a number line to order numbers from greatest to least and least to greatest. We are also continuing to work on standard form, expanded form, and word form.   Please see previous posts for problems to work

Social Studies - We will talk about Citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen.

Science - We will be measuring length using centimeters and talking about volume.

*We will start using RAZ KIDS in class.  Your student will need head phones!  Please send them with a pair to keep at school.  If you could have them by the end of the week, that would be great!  

*You can also use RAZ KIDS at home.  Your child's user name is simply his/her first name.  The password is your child's lunch number.  

*First in math will be starting soon!   

*Library Wednesday and computer lab is Friday!

*A scholastic book order went home in the Wednesday folders.  Thank you to those of you who have ordered already.  If you would like to order, the code to do so online is at the top of the form.  The books need to be ordered by Oct. 10th.  


~Update for Sept. 19 -23~


Here is what is going on for next week
Reading ~ We will be working on decoding strategies, fluency, and predicting!  
Writing ~ We will start our rough draft of our small moment.  Some students are still struggling to come up with one small moment in time.  For example, I am going to write about when my son, Kase, ate his smash cake at his first birthday party. I will focus specifically on him reaching into the cake, grabbing a handful, shoving it in his mouth, and getting frosting everywhere! My paper will have what I felt, what I thought, etc instead of making a list of what I did that day.   Ask your kiddo what their small moment is! 
Math ~ We will have a place value test Tuesday.  Use the decomposing example I posted last week, to practice.
Starting on Wednesday we will be adding comparing numbers to our knowledge of place value.  The next test will be shortly after this one.  I will keep you posted.  
Example:  Mrs. Sheppard makes two numbers that have a value between 1,200 and 1,300. She used the numbers:
1      6     2      4
What two numbers can she make that have a value between 1,200 and 1,300?
Science ~ We will be learning about properties of matter
Social Studies ~ It is celebrate freedom week in honor of Constitution day!

~math fact tests~

Wednesday in your child's Wednesday folder there was a small math fact sheet.  It had a grade on it, but the grade will not be recorded.  Starting the 2nd 9 weeks these tests will count as half of a major grade.  The students have 5 seconds per problem.  We will continue to work on them here, but if your child is struggling, please work on facts at home as well.  I recommend the math fact master app.  It can be used on the iPad and iPhone.  Let me know if you have any questions!


~Sept. 12- 16~


This week in class...

Writing - We will be working on pulling a small moment out of a big one so we can put lots of details into our story. We will also be talking about different types of sentences.

Reading - We will look at different decoding strategies including sounding out vowel sounds, chunking, looking at pictures, and using context clues.

Math - We will be working on place value, putting numbers in order, and composing and decomposing numbers.  Decomposing number can be tricky for the students.  Here is an example of what we will be working on 

362 = 300 + 60 + 2 (we have learning this)

362 = 300 + 50 + 12 (decomposing)

362 = 300 + 40 + 22 (decomposing again) 

We will also decide which number falls between two numbers based on place value.  Example 1,200 and 1,300.  I gave the student these four numbers 1, 0, 2, 3 then they would have a create a number thats value is between those two numbers. 1, 230 would be a correct answer.

The first math test will be the week of the 19th.  

Social Studies - We will talk about responsibilities at home, at school, and in our community.

Science - We will take a Science Safety and Tools TEST on Wednesday and begin our unit on matter.  They should be familiar with the tools we have discussed in the lab and in class.  Examples, ruler, balance, hand lens, and safety googles.  They should also be familiar with the steps in the scientific process.  

A few other notes...

1. Wednesday folders - there will be a BLUE communication form in the folder, that stays in there. Folders are to be returned on Thursday.

2. Library is on Wednesday. Students are welcome to bring their books back anytime and keep them in their desk for reading.

3. SCHOOL pictures are on THURSDAY!  An envelope went home in your child's Wednesday folder last week.  Please return it or order online!  


Recent Posts

Weekly Update March 27-31

Here is what we are doing in class this week:  
Reading- We are starting to work on writing summaries of what we read by telling what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  This would be a great thing to do as you read at home!  
Writing- We are beginning our research project.  Each student will get 1 of the 50 states to research and write about.  
Spelling- This week focuses on contractions.  Remember to look at the list posted on my website or sent earlier in an email.  No paper copy will come home.
Math- We continue to work on fractions.  We focus on halves, fourths, and eighths.  We also learn how to write improper fractions when it is more than a whole.  Our test will be April 5.  Look for a study guide to come home soon.  
Science- We are looking at plants and discussing what they need to grow.   
Other reminders:  
1.  Wednesday, March 29 is Chick-fil- A night.  
2.  The pe teachers need your help!  They are looking for lots of volunteers for field day.  Please contact Suzy England or Amy Keene to volunteer.  
3.  The bookfair is next week.  
4.  We need empty 2 liter bottles for science day.  Please save them and send them in.  

Update March 6-10

What is going on this week in our class!

Writing - We will write about our favorite spring time things!

Reading - We will explore different genres that have text features.  

Math -We will have a test over measurement and time on Thursday!  Keep practicing tell time at home.  They will need to know how to measure in inches and centimeters.

Science - We will be learning about the phases of moon!

A few other notes...

Our field trip is March 27th to the Main Street Theater to watch Ramona!.  Please turn in the permission by Friday, March 10th!

If you would like to sign up to chaperone, please let me know by Monday evening!

Weekly Update Jan. 30-Feb.3

What is going on this week in our class!

Writing - We will continue to work on our expository paper about the best place to visit!

Reading - We will continue with main idea and supporting details. 

Math -We are wrapping up with plane shapes 3-12 sides.  We will start learning about solid shapes.  A solid shape study guide will come home this week. Please review with your student!  A lot of geometry is memorization!  Please, use the plane shape study guide to help!  Also, a review for the test will come home later this week.

Math Fact test on Friday!

Social Studies - Amelia Erhart

Science - Rocks and Bodies of Water

January 23-27

What is going on this week in our class!

Writing - We will continue working on prefixes (re, dis, un, pre, mis) and suffixes (ful, less, ly). We will discuss their meanings and how to use them in our writing as well as in our reading. We will also begin an expository writing project about a favorite place we like to visit.

Reading - We will continue with main idea and supporting details.  As you read at home, discuss the main idea of the book, page, paragraph, etc. 

Math - We will begin with plane shapes with 3-12 sides.  Look for the study guide being sent home in an email. Math Fact test on Friday will cover Using 10 and Doubles to add and subtract. Examples - 7+9, 9+9, 16-7, 12-6

Social Studies - We will be reading timelines.

Science - We will be studying rocks and how we can classify them using their physical properties.

A few other notes...

  1. Students will need to bring a rock to school (one that can fit in their hand) by Friday, Jan. 27. Please bring it in a ziplock back with their name on it. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Spelling Words

I know that next week is a short week, and it will be our first spelling test.  Here are the words that will be on the first test.  They will come home on Tuesday too, but if you want to get a jump start, you can!


Spelling List # 1

Short a and short i

  1. family
  2. after
  3. little
  4. cat
  5. glad
  6. wag
  7. scab
  8. jam
  9. fast
  10. slap
  11. fish
  12. chin
  13. kid
  14. zip
  15. swing
  16. pit
  17. twig
  18. stick
  19. king
  20. mist

Here is a review for our 2 and 3 digit addition test on Friday, Nov. 11.