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Multiplication Practice

 Many of our students need to practice their multiplication facts. We will use multiplication in various ways throughout our year. I just signed your child up for a free program and will send home a flyer with login information, specific to you child, tomorrow. Here is more information on XtraMath. 

 We are using a program called XtraMath to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic. Your child is invited to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on a computer, tablet, or phone. If you would like your child to do XtraMath on a tablet or smartphone, look for XtraMath in the app store. The app costs $5. On a laptop or desktop computer, he/she can do XtraMath for free at Here's what you need to do: In the app or on the website, select Enroll. Enter your email address and enrollment code. This will (1) create a parent account for you if you don't have one, (2) link your child's account to your account so you can review his/her progress, and (3) save the account information for easy sign-in on that computer or device. If you already have a parent account for .your child from a previous class or personal use, then this enrollment process will allow him/her to resume XtraMath where he/she left off rather than starting over in my classroom. For more information about XtraMath watch the videos on their website, Think of XtraMath as a math vitamin! For best results, your child should do XtraMath once per day as regularly as possible. It only takes a few minutes so make it a part of your daily routine. Math facts are the building blocks of your child's math education and your child will be well rewarded for the time they spend practicing on XtraMath. 

Thank you! Mrs. Selman

Welcome to Mrs. Selman's Homepage!

Welcome to our Classroom Homepage. It is my goal to use this as a resource throughout the year to keep parents updated on the amazing things happening in our classroom and on our campus. Please make sure to click "subscribe" to get emails as this page is updated. It will send one email a day for the first few weeks as I continue to update this frequently with beginning of the year information. Also, remember to subscribe to Mrs. Maddox's page (Language Arts).
Starting on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL your child may bring: 
  • A Sport-top water bottle (with water ONLY please) 
  •  Two small healthy snacks - one for the morning and one for the afternoon

Please feel free to contact us!
Jennifer Selman
Room Number: B146
Phone: (281) 357-3122 Extension 2851

Miranda Maddox    
Room Number: B145    
Phone: (281) 357-3122 Extension 2850    

I am so excited to meet all of my new 4th graders!!! Please bring your school supplies, if you already have it. Don't worry about labeling your supplies, I have already created labels for your child. :) 
Excited for a great year!!

We would like to feature the fabulous two math websites that are available for our students to use at home. To make it a meaningful session, we suggest students log on for at least fifteen minutes at a time. Students have login information.



Prodigy has content from all major topics and will seamlessly cover Grades 1 - 8 to help ensure your students are ready for standardized testing. With a diagnostic test to place students in the correct grade, embedded assessments, and automatic differentiation, Prodigy ensures that each one of your students succeed at their own pace.


First in Math- ( Not up and running yet.)

First in Math has more than 120 self-paced activities that help students master procedural skills and achieve the fluency essential to building a solid foundation in mathematics. The program reinforces mastery of basic facts. Improvement is self-directed and new habits replace unproductive habits, driving success in every academic area.