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Field Trip Forms Due

All field trip forms and the $4 for a snack pack (if purchasing) are due this Wednesday, April 26th. Students are so excited to be able to go see Born in China, A Disney Nature movie. If you have signed up to meet us at Spring Creek park after the movie, I will be emailing you Wednesday or Thursday with more details. Thank you! 

Science Test April 11th

We will have completed our study on plant and animal adaptations, inherited traits/learned behaviors tomorrow. Students have taken home the three lessons that we have already read in class. It would be a great idea if students are able to go back through the lessons in preparation for the test. The test will be next Tuesday, April 11th. Thank you! 

Updates for the week of April 3rd-7th

Monday- We want to honor and celebrate the state-wide roll out of the book, The Lemonade Stand by participating in wearing YELLOW or LEMON themed attire. Monday. 
Tuesday- We will have a huge celebration in GYM and CAFETERIA for rise and shine in support of Autism Acceptance called Tuesday BLUESday. So go all out and wear blue from head to toe! 
*All week is book fair. Please support our school and check out the book fair. After school shopping is available Tuesday from 4-7pm. 

Welcome back parents!! Students are flying through data analysis. We enjoyed playing a Kahoot for review!! Test will be on Thursday. Students completed the review sheet and are bringing home the review today! 

Geometry Test Friday

Our last major grade of the nine weeks in math will be on Friday, March 3rd. Students brought home their review sheet yesterday or today depending on when they finished it in class. Their review sheet is always counted as a daily grade in the grade book. Spring break is right around the corner!!! 

Students need to be familiar with these vocabulary terms. We will have a quiz (daily grade) over these terms on Friday. Students glued in this paper into their Interactive notebook last Monday and we have discussed the terms in class through out the last two weeks. 


This video shows how to classify triangles by their sides and angles. Students in 4th grade are only required to classify triangles by their angles, but it is good for them to be familiar with the sides of triangles. 

Angle Basics

Students are required to know the 4 types of angles: 
acute angle- less than 90 degrees
right angle- 90 degrees
obtuse angle- more than 90 degrees
straight angle- 180 degrees
Please make sure your student has a box or bag to put the valentine's they will receive on Tuesday. Most of our students use boxes they have decorated during a previous year. Also, I am not sending out a student list of names. We have found that it helps to pass out the valentine's faster if we just say "to my friend" or leave the "to" part blank. Our fourth graders are much more interested in the food and games that we play during the party anyways ;) Hope to see you there!! 
Measurement test is tomorrow! Students are bringing home reviews to go over in preparation for the test.