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I am married to my sweet husband, Billy and we have two amazing boys, Mason and Brody. We also have a menagerie of animals. I love spending time with my family but am an avid barrel racer and in my "spare" time I ride and barrel race as much as I can. I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with your children and am excited to get this year started!

Please feel free to email me at or leave me a message to return your call @ 281-357-3122 ext.2849
I will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your child or classwork on my conference time, before school, and/or after school when I am not teaching. I want to give my full attention to the class so they are able to learn without distractions. Thank you for understanding.
ALSO......Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @cpeskjones
Mrs. Jones' Favorites List
Birthday: October 14th
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate (especially Dove) and Kit-Kats
Favorite Drink: Sonic Vanilla Coke and Sweet Tea
Favorite Store: Target, Hobby Lobby, Kohls, Academy
Favorite Places to Eat: Panera, Schlotzskys, TX. Roadhouse, Salt Grass, Chic-Fil-A  
Hobbies: Barrel racing, Movies with my family, reading

Current News:

Parents your fourth graders will need to have a zip up binder this year to help them to stay organized and prepared for their switch class. We ask that they have this as soon as possible but at least by next Friday, August 26th. Thank you so much for your support!

Volunteer Application

Dear Parents,
This is just a friendly reminder that Volunteer Applications must be resubmitted each academic year. (It must be current as of August 2015). If you think that would like to volunteer at Canyon Pointe in any capacity, please complete the online Volunteer Application through the Tomball ISD Webpage.
It is recommended that this application be completed at the beginning of the year, as it may take a few days to process the request. The application takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
Thank you for your support. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the front office.

Recent Posts

Science Day!!

Parents - We are still in need of some donations for our upcoming Science day!
Here are some things we definitely still need!
K - 24 small bottles of bubbles
1 - Contributions for cupcakes bought at Sam's club ($30 total)
2nd - 2 large bags of Miracle Grow potting soil, I bag Bermuda grass seed
3rd - 4 boxes Graham crackers, 8 bags small chocolate chips
4th- 14 - 2 Liter bottles of Diet Coke, 7 Packages of Mentos
I have 27 - 2 Liter clear plastic soda bottles.  We will need at least 130 more! Please save yours and send them to school with your child!

This is the link to contribute or volunteer -  If people use this we won't have over-donation!
Thank you so much for your help!

Homework Update

Dear Parents,

For the third nine weeks, we have decided to pull back from the book homework and spotlight our wonderful math programs our district has offered to our students. The students have login information for Think Through Math, First in Math, and Prodigy. We are requiring that students log onto one of these programs twice a week for at least 15 minutes each time.

Thank you for your support,


First In Math

First in Math accounts are now active and your child is able to practice math facts at home on this website. I would like to see students log on at least every Monday and Wednesday in order to practice math facts but everyday would be even more beneficial for them. Please help to encourage them to earn points for our school as well as our class!
user: student lunch number
password: tisd+lunch number