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 Welcome to fourth grade!  I teach 4th grade reading and writing. Halfway through the instructional day I will switch classes with my partner, Mrs. Shiflet, for students to have math, science, and social studies.  
The daily schedule for each class is is as follows:


Rise and Shine in the gym


Writing Mini Lesson


Writing Workshop - Independent Writing Time


Reading Mini Lesson


Intervention Time


Reading Workshop - Independent Reading Time


Read Aloud with Accountable Talk


Grammar/Focus Poetry/Writing Share Time




Recess for AM Class






Writing Mini Lesson


Writing Workshop - Independent Writing Time


Writing Share Time


Reading Mini Lesson


Intervention Time


Reading Workshop - Independent Reading Time


Read Aloud with Accountable Talk


Grammar/Focus Poetry


Recess for PM Class

Students can bring water to class each day in a water bottle with a sport top. They have a morning snack time around 10:20 and an afternoon snack time around 2:30. Please send only healthy snacks that do not require a spoon since we work while we eat. Save any treats like cookies or candy as a dessert with lunch, please.
Weekly homework always includes 120 minutes of reading time. Students should record the time spent reading and the book they are reading their reading log. The 120 minutes is from Friday to Friday and can be split up any way you or they choose. They ONLY way to become a better ready is to spend time reading! 
Library: Mondays - 8:50 for the morning class and 1:20 for the afternoon class 
Computer Lab: Thursday - ELA will alternate weeks with math 
Friday Q-Club - Fourth grade has Quality Club on Friday afternoons from about 3:30-3:45. Students who have all of their work completed and do not receive any conduct marks for the week are able to go outside for some extra recess time. Students needing to make up work stay in with grade level teachers for study hall.
The best way to get a hold of me is through email, but you are always welcome to call or send a note.  I make every effort to have the website updated regularly so that you are in the loop about all the great things your kiddo is doing at school!  Being able to watch your children grow throughout the year is not a privilege or responsibility that I take lightly. Thank you for sharing your precious cargo with me each and every day!     


Recent Posts

This week in fourth grade...

Welcome back from spring break! 
I hope everyone had a fabulous week!  It was so wonderful to see your smiling kiddos yesterday!  We are back in full force, and here is what you can expect in the coming days...
There will be no spelling this week or next week.  Spelling will resume the week of April 3rd with lesson 22.  
Writing STAAR Test is next Tuesday, March 28th - a short letter will be coming home with some reminders! :) The kids are going to ROCK! 
This week will be spent reviewing and pepping them up.  There will be a full write in class on Tuesday.  This means they will be handed a prompt and expected to go through all the steps of the writing process within a specified time limit to help them with time management and pacing.  
On Friday our hallway will be transformed into Camp Wanna Write-A (pronounced "Write-Uh").  The classes will be split up and will spend the day visiting either different rotations to review grammar concepts.  We are so excited for this fun way to keep students engaged in the final push before their big day to shine! 
We are beginning non-fiction in reading.  To introduce, students are exploring text features, discussing their purpose, and what they learn from each.  Next week we will move deeper into non-fiction and begin looking at how text is organized.  
Scholastic Book Orders are due on March 31st
Our class code is GR3QP if you would like to order online.  
Every order helps earn our classroom library more books, so when both classes order it is a huge help!  I spend ALL Scholastic points on supporting student success!  
My spring calendar is still pretty open for any sporting or extracurricular events your little one would like some additional support at, so send me those schedules!  
As always, never hesitate to email with any questions, concerns, thoughts, or celebrations!  
In love with kids, 
Miss Ragan 

Field Day

Mark your calendars... Field Day 2017 is scheduled for Monday, April 10th.  Fourth graders will participate in the morning.  Our fabulous PE teachers are in need of volunteers to help make this day a success for our students.  If you are able to give some of your time, please visit the following link and sign up. :) 
Thanks in advance! last!

January has come and gone...and February is drawing to a quick close!  Your littles have been busy bees in the language arts classroom!  STAAR Writing is coming up right after spring break, so students are working hard in small groups to beef up their knowledge and prepare.  In fourth grade, we have support coming to help during a designated time each day to help even more small group instruction happen.  This has been wonderful because it means every one of your kiddos is getting more individualized instruction!  They have been doing fabulously as they work through revising and editing multiple choice practice and continue to work on essay craft.  
We are wrapping up our poetry unit in reading and the students will complete a poetry passage for a daily grade tomorrow.  
Next week students will begin exploring literary non-fiction.  A daily grade will be completed at the end of the two week unit.  
Please send me any schedules of activities your kiddo is involved in where they'd like an extra cheerleader!  I have loved seeing them excel outside of the classroom and want to make it to as many events as possible!  I will be running the Woodlands Half Marathon on March 4th, so the students have been asking me about this.  I usually need a little extra support around mile 10 if you are so inclined to spend your morning as a spectator! ;) 
Please email me with any questions, comments, or celebrations!  Things are looking fab in fourth grade!
Miss Ragan 

Only 3 more days!

Hello fabulous 4th grade families!
As the holidays approach we are gearing up for a little additional fun at school. Here's what you need to know...
On Tuesday the students completed gifts for one another.  They wrote "Compliment Presents," decorated them and passed them out.  It was a fun writing and character building activity.  
On Wednesday our choir will be gone for most of the day.  Students will work on a writing project with an accompanying craft.  They may choose to bring decorative materials on Wednesday such as sequins, wrapping paper, or pipe cleaner.  They should only bring things they already have at home.  Please do not make a trip to the store.  I will have some materials available from my closet as well.  
Thursday will be Polar Express day for fourth grade.  Students may wear school appropriate pajamas. For those performing in the choir and bells concert in the morning, they can change afterwards.  We will have Polar Express activities in the morning and view the movie with hot chocolate in the afternoon.  One parent has volunteered to send in an edible treat for my homeroom, so if we could get one volunteer for Shiflet's homeroom that would be fantastic! 
Friday the class parties will be from 10:45-11:45.  Students will be decorating gingerbread houses, so be sure to send in a can of frosting for your kiddo to use as glue along with whatever other item was requested on the part letter for everyone to share.  Dismissal will be at 12:50...and we'll see you next year!
Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season!  Can you believe we are halfway through fourth grade? 
I will be around between Christmas and New Year's, so if you little one has an event of activity they'd like an extra cheerleader at please let me know and it's my pleasure to attend! 
Miss Ragan 

Book Orders! :)

A book order form packet went home with the morning class, but I ran out before the afternoon.  Details for ordering are below.  Students will receive a Santa Slip for each book ordered....and all books ordered earn more books for the classroom library!  With reading level re-testing in full swing, we have many growing readers in need of more choices.  We appreciate your support!  

Book Club Order Due Date: December 5, 2016

Online Ordering Information

Web address:

Class Activation Code: GR3QP


Thanks and happy reading!

Miss Ragan 

Week of November 28, 2016

Welcome back fabulous 4th grade families!

I hope everyone had an amazing and restful Thanksgiving holiday!  I know I did!! With only 3 short weeks of school left until we are out for Christmas break, every school day counts!  Please, please be sure that your child is at school as long as they are physically able to be.  We have had a drastically increasing number of absences, some due to illness and some not.  We are ensuring students wash their hands regularly to help with this.  Leaving early and arriving late also cuts into class time since we are departmentalized.  The rigor and pace in fourth grade increases dramatically, so what doesn't seem like much time out of class can actually be quite significant.  We appreciate your understanding and support! 
Tuesday, November 29th will be the Reading CBA in the morning.  All homerooms will administer this assessment at the same time.  
For reading this week the students will be focusing on summarization.  They will be given a new strategy to assist with being able to completely summarize a fictional work.  
The week before the break students began working on their first expository piece.  They brainstormed and chose a topic, as well as a list of supports.  I will be conferring with students tomorrow about their thesis statements.  This week they will finalize their thesis statements and supports and begin planning their writing piece.  
For the rest of the nine weeks we will have a focus poem in the classroom for fun, fluency practice.  You can determine what you child's daily reading grade was overall for poetry by adding the four poetry grades together and dividing by four.  
For grammar we will continue to focus on correctly combining sentences.  
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Miss Ragan 

Decorate our tree!

The holiday season is finally here,
Let’s bring into our classroom some holiday cheer,
We have a beautiful tree, but it’s awfully bare,
So how about you bring in an ornament to share?!
The ornament you bring can be big or quite small,
It could be an angel, reindeer, or even a basketball,
Please bring in an ornament that represents you,
And all of your classmates will bring in one too,
Oh how beautiful those ornaments will be,
They surely will light up our tree,
We thank you for sharing your special ornament with us,
But if you don’t have one to share, it’s really no fuss!
Ornaments will be returned to each student on December 16, party day.

Week of November 14, 2016

Good evening, fourth grade families!
Just one week left before we are off for Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it?!
On Friday there WILL be a reading assessment, so please be sure that if your child is healthy, they are at school.  Their attendance is imperative to their success as there is really not a minute to spare in the progressing curriculum.  
Friday is also Classroom Spelling Bee day!  Winners will go on to the school wide spelling bee.  
This week students will dive into expository writing.  They will explore the differences between narrative and expository and begin learning how to  make a claim by writing a thesis statement and supports for their first paper.  
In reading we will review Unite 4: Analyzing Author's Craft by exploring historical fiction.  Students will complete a major grade assessment on Friday. 
Friday will also be the Lesson 10 spelling test.  
The poetry grade for this nine weeks is complete, so there will be no official poem.  We will try to work in a few Thanksgiving poems this week for fun and fluency practice.  
As always, please email me with any questions, concerns, or celebrations!
Miss Ragan 

This question response rubric is used to score student responses to reading.  Use this as a guide to help with Reading Response homework expectations.  
Please let me know if you have questions!

Week of November 7, 2016

Happy Monday, fourth grade families!
Important dates this week:
Tuesday - Writing CBA 
Thursday - Science CBA and Class Pictures
Friday - Reading Assessment Unit 4: Analyzing Author's Craft 
In the month of November we wear college shirts on Thursday! (except this week will be Wednesday due to pictures) If your kiddo has a college shirt, deck them out! :) I especially love when I see that Baylor green and gold!
Spelling this week is Lesson 9. 
Please remember that there is a weekly Reading Response Log.  The students are given this paper on Fridays to allow flexibility for completion.  This assignment supports what they are doing during workshop time in the classroom.  
During reading mini lessons we will be looking at author's word choice, understanding the mood of of stories and how it is a clue to the author's meaning, and revisiting theme.  All three of these topics will be covered on the end of unit assessment.  
Writing this week will shift to expository.  Students will spend Wednesday through Friday being introduced to the ways expository writing is different from narratives and learning how to write claims for different topics.  
The grammar topic of the week is dialogue.  Students are analyzing the structure of sentences using dialogue, locating sentences containing dialogue in their books, and writing their own sentences containing dialogue.  
I posted the poem of the week already.  It will be the final poem to make up the poetry grade (daily reading grade) for this nine weeks.  Remember, each poem counts as one fourth of a daily grade. 
Please email me with any questions, concerns, or celebrations! 
Miss Ragan 

Sweater Weather is the poem for the week of November 7th. :) 
This will be the final poem to complete the poetry grade for this nine weeks. 

Week of October 31, 2016

Hello fabulous fourth grade families!
Though tomorrow is Halloween, we will still be learning at school!  I have something fun in store to review the writing be watching Twitter tomorrow to see what your little on is up to at school.  ;) 
This week in reading we will be spending a couple of days on theme and also figurative language.  We have been addressing figurative language with poetry since the beginning of the year.  Now students are beginning to find it in their reading...and apply it in their writing!  Which leads us to....
Writing this week will consist of tomorrow's surprise activity, along with a boatload of revising.  Students will revisit a narrative looking for ways to add dialogue, action, and figurative language.  We will also spend some time on learning how to tackle a multiple choice revising and editing passage.  This will be accomplished through dissecting the passages to make up the Revising and Editing Operation book...which will come home for you to see next week prior to the writing CBA on November 8th.  
In grammar, students are continuing to work with compound sentences.  
The poem of the week is Halloween Dilemma.  Tell me, would you like to see the weekly focus poem posted on the website so you can read it at home to?  I'd like to know your thoughts! 
Spelling Lesson 8 test will be Friday, as usual.  Reading response logs are also due Friday. 
The math CBA is this Thursday November 3rd.  
Please let me know if you have any questions at all! :) 
Miss Ragan 

Week of October 24, 2016

Hello fourth grade families!
On MONDAY, both classes will have buying time at the book fair as part of class time.  This will be the best time for them to bring money to shop with as it won't interfere with classroom activities. 
Students are finishing up publishing their second narrative writing piece this week.  Throughout workshop time, most of them have had several different stories in the works.  We will continue to practice revising and editing by bringing out one of their other pieces.  We will also take our first look at a revising and editing multiple choice passage towards the end of the week this week and next week in preparation for the upcoming CBA (Curriculum Based Assessment).  
We are on Chapter 25 of our read aloud, The Tiger Rising, in both classes.  We will wrap this book up early next week and test over it at that time.  We will know the exact date for testing after seeing how this week goes.  
During reading mini lessons this week students are working on identifying point of view, recognizing the importance of dialogue, and identifying theme in stories.  During reading workshop each day students are given a job to do related to the day's mini lesson.  In addition to this, they are keeping track of the plot in the novel they are currently reading in their notebook.  We are beginning to incorporate assignments in Google Classroom as part of workshop.  The tricky part is juggling 4 chromebooks among 23 students.  
For reading workshop, we are beginning to run low on post it notes.  If you are able to grab a few packs of the plain light yellow post its next time you are out we would greatly appreciate it! We are also beginning to use the smaller sized envelopes inside the reading notebooks as well and will need some of those.  Students know what size and can help you with this.  Thank you so much!
The spelling test is on Friday and will cover lesson 7.  Spelling homework is due at that time, as well as the reading response log and reading log minutes totaling 120 for the week.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  
Miss Ragan   

Week of October 17, 2016

Good afternoon fourth grade families!
There is no school for students tomorrow, October 17th. We will see them bright and early for Rise and Shine on Tuesday!
This week is spelling Lesson 6 and there WILL be a test on Friday.  
As usual, students should read and log 120 minutes per week on the sheet in their orange homework folder.  They should also turn in 4 reading responses on Friday.  These can be completed on any day that fits into their schedule.  
This week in class the students will apply the skills and strategies they have been learning and practicing for nine weeks to a reading passage.  They will still have their regular workshop time. 
We will continue in our read aloud, The Tiger Rising.  This read aloud will wrap up within the next two weeks and the students will be tested over the second half of the book.  It is imperative that your child be at school each and every day they are able to be there.  They are given the opportunity to read chapters they have missed and access to my notes, but the valuable conversation that happens during the read aloud can't be recreated.  
Students are continuing to revise their second narrative writing piece about a time they accomplished something.  These are coming along nicely! 
We are continuing to discuss how reading, writing, and thinking are all connected!  The kids are working hard and I am loving getting to know them as readers, writers, thinkers, and the amazing tiny humans they are!
Thank you for the invitations to football and softball!  I have had a ball (ha!:) watching your kids excel inside AND outside of the classroom.  This weekend is booked, but send me future dates of whatever your little one is involved in and I will make every effort to attend and cheer them on. 
Have a wonderful evening and never hesitate to email with any questions, concerns, comments, or celebrations!  
Miss Ragan